The Dream Master

When “the author of idea”, screenwriter and director of popular adventure film “Inception” Christopher James Nolan were not a child – but even weren’t born, and DiCaprio did so, in 1965, in Amazing Stories- one of the first science-fiction editions, «He, WhoShapes» appears. It was written by the former employee of information warfare unit, American writer with polish origin, Roger Zelazny. The next year, short tale transforms in novel, named The Dream Master.

The main action takes place in nearby future, where psychotherapists apply new method of neuroses treatment: hooking patient into “fake dreaming”, where doctor makes him to live out the events, that damage mind again and again, `till patient won`t feel himself better. The main hero- advanced protagonist, doctor Render is visited by the Member of Senate Erickson, paranoid one. High official is always accompanied with the warning, he thinks that somebody wants to kill him…

Every such doctor risks with his name and rationality cause of taking part in self-made fake reality.  But brave Render is one of those famous and successful doctors. He even writes his own book at leisure and main theme of it is fake people’s thoughts about death. Subsequently blind psychologist comes to him and woman wants him to study her this method of psychotherapy. He wants to gain sight while dreaming.

She is accompanied by hybrid of dog and man, which partly looks like the dog from Bulgakov’s “The Dog Heart”. His name is Sigmund, which is kind of allusion to psychoanalysis. JOACHIM BOAZ at whrites:” Freudhasneverbeensofun”.

From beginning to end reader would have a seem as if there’s no plot line at all- different parts go in random order, and then this parts combine in mind like a jigsaw puzzle. Try to know, what’s the name of that woman… With the helping hand of such a deep allegory author tries to say that every dream is a little death.

Ostap Khmarny

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